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Grupos de Conección


11:30 a.m

Momentum Connect Group is for followers of Christ to come together encouraging, challenging, and caring for one another as welive in fellowship with our brothers and sisters abiding in Jesus.   Momentum is a safe place to have deeper relational connections with fellow believers as we pursue maturity in Christ.  It is a place to share the details about our lives while learning biblical principles and what it means to be part of a community.  Each meeting consists of an opportunity to share with one another, ranging from fun icebreakers to celebrations of special moments in one another’s lives, proceeding with an interactive biblical lesson,and a group prayer.  Group events and gatherings will also be discussed and planned to strengthen our relationships and spread Jesus outside the walls of Calvary.


calvary youth
6th-12th grade

11:30 a.m.

This is a Bible class for students 6th – 12 grade teens .  The content of their studies are apologetic in nature (how to defend your faith).  We use the Answers in Genesis ABC Sunday School curriculum and cover everything from Creation to Salvation.  We can wait to meet your students!

LOCATION: w-100 (youth room)