What We Believe

  • We are dedicated to seeking, teaching and living out the truth of the Word. Our purpose is to seek and bring the truth to all nations, unlearn false doctrines and traditions of men, and to equip the body to live and practice the Word as God originally intended.
  • We find that continuously examining the Scriptures (in the same Hebraic context and perspective in which they were written and understood) reveals to His people much more understanding, as opposed to the more common Greek mindset that is a couple thousand years removed.
  • We firmly believe in testing all doctrine to His Word and only holding on to what is good. We seek to search the scriptures daily, in the same way Paul commended the Bereans in determining what was true. Through the leading and teaching of the Spirit we aim to bring 100% pure truth to all nations, teaching them to obey everything He commanded.
  • We believe there is one God, King of the Universe. Who sustains all things through is sovereign will.
  • We believe the Bible is the written Word of God, inspired by His Holy Spirit, and without error in the original manuscripts. The Bible is the revelation of God’s truth and is infallible and authoritative in all matters of faith and practice.
  • We believe that all are born into sin and totally unable to save themselves, except by God’s mercy.
  • We believe that salvation is by God’s grace alone, not by any human endeavor.
  • We believe that justification is by faith alone.
  • We believe that Christ (Messiah) is the only mediator of redemption.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, who, through His perfect life and sacrificial death upon the cross, atoned for the sins.
  • We believe that God’s Holy Spirit indwells His people transforming the soul, mind and life of all who put their trust in Him.
  • We believe that the testimony of God’s grace unto salvation is demonstrated by the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.
  • We believe followers of Christ are disciples (students) who adhere to his teaching and live according to the Word of God.
  • We believe that baptism is a call of obedience to all who have responded to God’s grace into salvation. Baptism calls to repentance, to faithfulness, and to discipleship.
  • We believe that all aspects of our lives are to be lived to the glory of God and obedience to the word of God.
  • We believe that Jesus will return, bodily and visibly, to judge all mankind and to redeem the righteous of Israel and the nations.